Stallion Ads

Stallion advertising is very important when promoting¬† your stallion. Your customer’s first impression of your stallion may very well be from a stallion ad. Don’t let your stallion ad design give a bad impression of your stallion. It is very important that your ad look professional, is easy to read and contains enough information without being cluttered.
Making sure not to have strong design issues with your ad is a must. These can include: Multiple fonts in various colors, heavily outlined text, hard to read text, clashing colors, bad editing of your photos when backgrounds are removed, overly busy. When ads have too much going on and related information is not kept together, that can make it hard for your customers to view your ad. If a viewer cannot find a balanced point to fix on, it can actually cause the eye to become unfocused and and cause discomfort, which leads the viewer to leave the ad. Make sure your ad is balanced without harsh colors, multiple objects set with random angles etc.,
The most important part of stallion advertising is to CAPTURE the viewers attention and KEEP IT.  Your breeding business is important to you and your marketing needs to reflect that.
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